Chevy Back in the Game with All New Corvette Stingray

Wow! No one saw this coming. Chevrolet unveiled the all new Stingray, 7th Generation Corvette at a preview to the Detroit Auto Show this week and I’m literally speechless. The first all-new version of the classic American sports car since 2005, the Stingray looks amazing and is a well needed shot in the arm for the re-emerging U.S. auto industry.

2014 Corvette

If this doesn’t get people excited, I don’t know what will. General Motors (Chevy’s parent company) is showing that even with stricter safety and gas mileage regulations to contend with, they can still come out blazing with a drool worthy car that puts them right back in the race with their European competitors.  

The interior could use a little work compared to the Aston Martins and Ferraris of the world, but I’m in love with the exterior which hasn’t strayed too far from the traditional look of the Corvette.


In fact, the Stingray’s side profile, quite similar to the current model, is a sight to behold.  It’s like a cross between the back of a Lotus Evora and the front of Ferrari. The back profile sees a drastic and perhaps controversial change, with the Corvette’s signature round lights being replaced with rectangular shaped lights that slant away from the center.

But what about performance?

Corvette Chief Engineer, Tadge Jeuchter said the Stingray is super responsive and a very different driving experience to what people have had before.  “It wraps around you, it hugs your body, it makes you feel a part of it, makes you feel in control,” Jeuchther said.


2014 Corvette Front View

According to GM, the Stingray, a name first used in 1963, is the most powerful standard Corvette in history and boasts an estimated 450 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. It claims the new Corvette can go from zero to 60mph in less than four seconds, but is also the most fuel-efficient Corvette to date. Its V-8 engine kicks down to four cylinders at highway speeds, saving fuel.

The cockpit features five settings the driver can select to optimize the car for varying driving conditions: Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport and Track.

The launch of the Corvette Stingray is a significant move for GM as it tries to recover from bankruptcy and reclaim some of its declining U.S. market share. At the unveiling GM North American president , Mark Reuss explained the symbolism of the Corvette saying, “Since 1953, through the good times and the bad times for this company, there was always Corvette, demonstrating what it means to win — to be the best.”


2014 Corvette Rear

Corvette production in recent years has fallen to less than a third of the more than 40,000 they produced in 2007. The good news is Corvette’s redesigns have always produced a huge boost in sales and GM is probably counting on that as it moves into the new year.  

GREAT JOB Chevy! Best of luck with the new Stingray. We are truly impressed.


Les M.


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