Range Rover Evoque Marks First Nine-Speed Production Vehicle Ever Built

Range Rover Evoque gauge cluster

Range Rover is the first automaker out of the gates to release the 9-speed production model with the unveiling of its Evoque next week at the Geneva Motor Show.

Other car manufacturers will be in hot pursuit, as they use this latest move to incrementally increase the mileage of their vehicles. Land Rover says by increasing the Evoque’s gear ratios from 6 to nine, they have effectively increased fuel efficiency and lowered emissions using the new ZF0HP transmission. Land Rover partnered with ZF to tune the system specifically for the automaker’s needs.

With barely noticeable shifting, the smaller gear ratios on the 9HP nine-speed transmission are specifically designed for off-roading. It also has a skip-shift mechanism that incorporates the driver’s driving style and makes downshifting quicker. The adaptive shifting system senses and learns the driver’s movements and adjusts accordingly.

The ZF9HP transmission is more lightweight although it has three extra cogs but is slightly longer than the previous version. It’s built for towing, climbing grades and higher altitudes.

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