Video: Honda Presidents Day Sale Ad Turns Abe Lincoln into an R&B Star

Honda takes a whole new approach to President’s Day in this unexpected rib-tickler that leaves us wondering what just happened.

Who’s your founding father? If you’re not feeling the groove of the weirdly wonderful Honda 2013 Presidents’ Day TV commercial then you’d better check your pulse. Sure to make you fall off your seat in stitches, this commercial could become the most talked about car ad in history.

Honda has definitely done its homework, and by homework we mean history homework. Honda takes us back… wayyy back in time to colonial days with full period wear and musical props.

With automaker Lincoln’s recent use of the former president in its advertising, we initially thought this ad was heading down a similar road but that was not the case. Could this be a clever jab at Lincoln’s ad campaign? It’s hard to tell but this one definitely takes the cake and breaks the mould. In the ad George Washington and Abraham Lincoln star in their own R&B music video with a song about features Honda is pushing for its sale.

Set to a funky R&B beat, this 30-second music video is a barrel of laughs. From the wigs to the beards, it’s nothing short of epic.  The ad makes it clear that great deals and features like a rear view camera and bluetooth come standard from Honda. We love that it appeals to a wider demographic to include just about anyone with a sense of humor, from the old schoolers to the new schoolers, so it’s a winner.

But is it a first? Not entirely; it kind of reminds us of the recent outrageous series of 2013 Ford Fusion commercials run by Ford company in which entertainer Reggie Watts puts customers’ comments about the car into song.

Putting old English to modern music is hilarious and the period costumes just put it over the top. In a totally unrelated twist, one of the “supporting actors” in the video looks a little like Denzel Washington. Heck, with all the celebrity endorsements in car commercials these days, a big name like that could be the next face of Honda.

So if you’ve got a car company and want to boost sales, get a former president to endorse your brand and if you can’t get the real deal, do like Honda and get a couple of look-alikes. We’re pretty sure it won’t hurt your sales. If this ad doesn’t make people line up at Honda’s event, nothing will.

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